F310 Panel Reader

F310 Panel Reader


  • Stationary reader with high reading performance (reading of ISO 11784/5 and ISO 11784-AMD1 FDX-B and HDX)
  • Auto tuning feature to always assure the best reading distances
  • Synchronization feature to reduce interference between readers
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery and battery indicator
  • 2 GB memory allows for over 2 millions IDs memory capacity
  • USB, RS232 and Bluetooth interfaces for data transfer to PC and connectivity to other devices (computers and scales)
  • Dedicated NLIS download software included
  • MS Windows compatible
  • Gesant antenna is included and is available in two sizes for the customer to choose the preferred size:cattle or sheep
  • The reader can be connected with other readers F310 and operate in synchronized mode without interfering
  • Power supply via rechargeable battery (Lithium polymer): 12.6V/ 3750mAh 110/240 VAC and/or 12-14 VDC as battery charger
  • Approved by CE Certification and Australian Conformity Declaration

Technical Specifications 

  • Dimensions

250 (L) x 170 (H) x 125 (P) mm

  • Transmission frequency

134.2 kHz

  • Weight

2.25 Kg

  • Memory capacity

2 GB (over 2 million records)

  • Interfaces

USB, RS232, Bluetooth

  • Standards

ISO 11784/5, 11784-AMD1 and 24631-2

Gesant Antenna

  • Allows dynamic reading of animals
  • Available in two sizes suitable for cattle and sheep
  • Supplied free of charge with the purchase of each F310 reader
  • It can be purchased separately if required

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