Slim NLIS Tags

Slim NLIS Tags

  • The New Agri-ID Slim tag design allows aeration around the back of the tag for rapid wound healing
  • Fast and easy application
  • Proven retention, readability and reliability
  • Available in white (Breeder) and orange (Post Breeder)
  • Fast and easy application with the Agri-ID by Datamars universal applicator
  • Available in all states with the exception of Victoria.

How to buy

Triangular RFID tags are available to be purchased through your local rural store if you are a current Datamars customer. If you are not a current Agri-ID by Datamars customer, please contact our customer service team on 1300 594 696 or +61 7 3635 8222 or one of our Territory Managers to learn how to purchase.

Breeder VS post breeder

Breeder tags

  • Both the male and the female tags must be white
  • Use NLIS breeder tags for livestock you have bred and that are still on your property
  • Both tags (male and female) should be printed with the NLIS logo. The male portion of the tag should clearly state "Do not remove"

Post Breeder tags

  • Both the male and the female tag must be orange
  • Use NLIS post breeder tags for livestock purchased and that are not already identified with an NLIS device